Thursday, February 16, 2012

Octopus PArasol! YEyeyyayyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  1. I made a parade parasol for my friend hope. Octopi Garden was the theme so I made THis! BEhhhOLD!
He separates from is ocean floor umbrella!
And lights up! Includes purple abaloney shell and suction cups under his legs. Oh and glittery seaweed.

 2. it Kicks!! :p  AsS!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Orleans festishowval #1

The circus rolled into ferert st today for a muted reception. The Arti Gras Art Festival may not have been our biggest show but we meet really groovy people and the ENTirE Cast Was together for the first time on display at once! That was worth the 20$ i paid for the table,.... Im rationalizing! MorE to ComE!


Its MARdI GRAS!  Hurry!   Now HERe Are Some HAPPY masks. For all of you that said I could only make scary faces Ill let you take this time to reflect on your bad thoughts and ideas..............Awesome. ENJOI! And  Lets Geaux Carnivale'